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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> rick: thank you for joining us. well dom a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville, topping the news, this chilling video is not out of a hollywood thriller. it's an assassination attempt caught on tape. we're going to tell you what happened to the politician and to the gunman. >> rick: wow. also, bundle up. an actic blast is coming your way with the coldest air in four years heading to the midwest. maria molina joins with us the frigid forecast straight ahead. >> arthel: plus, so much buzz about tablets and smart phones, but a new wave of laptops
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featuring windows 8 is now hitting the stores. coming up, "consumer reports" helps you pick out the right one maybe that won't leave you hankering for small gadgets. >> arthel: we begin with a fox news alert. late breaking details on the rapidly changing situation out of algeria involving several american hostages. according to a state news agency, the for-day stand-off has officially ended in a final bloody assault, leaving several militants and hostages dead. right now we're still awaiting official word from the state department about the fate of the americans involved. but the white house has just issued a statement from the president. it reads in part: we have been in constant contact with algerian officials and stand ready to provide whatever assistance they need in the aftermath of this attack. this attack is another reminder of the threat posed by al-qaeda and other violent extremist groups in north africa.
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in the days coming, we will remain in close touch with the government of algeria to gain fuller understanding of what took place. greg palkot is live in london with the very latest. greg? >> yeah. we're looking at that same statement coming from the white house just in the past 20 minutes or so. significant because the american government has been saying a little about this situation for the past 24, 36 hours. the president goes on to say, the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the families of those who were killed and injured. this as we got a little bit more insight into what went down today in this final day of the four-day siege in the algerian sahara desert. according to the algerian government, the militants holed up at that natural gas complex holding hostages from around the world, decided to start executing them and that is when the security forces moved in.
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algerian special forces attacking the heavily armed al-qaeda-linked militants. killed in that attack were hostages and the militants. algeria government now saying that all told during this four-day siege, 32 militants were killed and 23 hostages, including foreigners. as for the americans, as you know, we're waiting on word from the state department. they have only commented on one texan man who died during this siege of a heart attack. we have been reporting that five americans, we believe, had escaped unharmed and that two were still being held. today the reuters news agency saying that today, two americans were freed. but we have no confirmation of that. here is a little bit of what another freed hostage had to say about his ordeal.
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take a listen. >> wednesday morning, i was outside of the office, that's when the terrorists came. they shot the guys at the gate. came inside the office buildings. they start to take hostages and i barricade myself with another colleague of mine from romania also. we barricade together in one of the offices. we locked the door. we put the desk on the door. >> that hostage was from romania, hostages from all around the world involved in this. secretary of defense panetta was asked on a stop off in london today what he thought about the algerian security force tactics. some people have said they were heavy handed. his answer to that, different countries have different ways to deal with terrorism. those security force right now are mopping up that natural gas
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facility site. it was booby trapped with mines and explosives. one more line coming out of this statement coming from the white house, president obama in the state saying that the u.s. will continue to work with our partners. that would include algeria, to combat the scourge of terrorism in that region. more to come in northern africa. back to you. >> arthel: greg palkot, thank you very much for that report. >> rick: new coalition of gun rights supporters trying to send a message to washington proclaiming today national gun appreciation day and they're urging americans to head to local gun stores and ranges and gun shows to show their support. ironically, a couple of accidental shootings at some of those events. all of this comes as the country is debating solutions to gun violence in the wake of the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. of course, this past week when the president announced some executive orders on gun violence.
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catherine herridge live from warrenton, virginia. what are you hearing from gun owners? >> thank you and good evening. this is the first time here at clark brothers there have been relative peace and quiet all day. we saw play out over and over was that the parking lot was full and that there is a significant line at the gun range behind me. what we heard from many of the gun owners is that they did come to mark gun appreciation day, that they felt strongly about the sanctity of the second amendment. other gun owners showed a very open mind and some flexibility. one telling us they would support a raise in the age for gun ownership. >> they would have to be tougher enforcement, stronger evaluations in order to get a weapon, maybe if the shotgun age is 21 and rifle age is pushed up to 21 and pistols and hand guns pushed up farther that, would be a good idea. >> one of the most striking conversations was with a gun owner who we did not videotape. but said that he wanted to just put the issue of the second
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amendment and gun rights to one side and that he felt strongly about any administration tinkering, in his words, with the sanctity of the constitution and just some very basic american rights. he said this was a road n his opinion that, the country should not go down. >> rick: what do we know about gun sales? >> what we learned here today is very specific to one location and simply anecdotal. what they said is that they have seen a real spike in the gun sales here. it's really been everything. right across the board. so it's been assault weapons. it's been small caliber. it's been hunting weapons. and as an example, they said in december of 2011, they sold ten of these gun safes and in the last december of 2012, they sold 27. so it's really been a marked increase. some people saying they're first time buyers. others say they've been driven at the prospect of tighter gun ownership, or stricter gun laws. the organizer of gun appreciation day was also here
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in warrenton and he said that he would stand his ground against the critics. >> this is in reaction to newtown. this is in reaction to the left reaction to newtown. so the idea that they would use and exploit that tragedy to push their legislation is what i find offensive. >> critics today tried to make the case that gun appreciation day shows a certain amount of tone deafness, politically and insensitivity coming so close to martin luther king day. and then also coming so close in the shadow of, if you will, of the newtown shooting. >> rick: catherine herridge in warrenton, verge, thank you. >> arthel: there is shocking video as an assassination attempt overseas is caught on tape. it's unbelievable. a would-be assassin pulls out a gun on a law maker in bulgaria. thankfully the weapon jammed. allowing the startled speaker to knock it out of the way and seconds later, you see what
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happens. the gunman is tackled by the ground by security, leaving him bruised and bloodied. it's still unclear how he was able to get past security in the first place. >> rick: the presidential inauguration festivities kicking off today with a national day of service. various activities taking place. michelle obama and dr. biden, the wife of the vice president, hosting an event. usher and others set to perform. molly henneberg now. the first and second families are involved in a national day of service today. what did they do? >> hi. good to sigh. they were involved in a couple of service projects. that is for military families that you just saw and today's day of service are not only a kickoff to the 57th presidential inaugural weekend burks also a celebration. a couple of days early, of dr. martin luther king, junior. president obama and his family
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went to an elementary school in washington to help with a school makeover project there. here you see the president and mrs. obama staining a book shelf. the president spoke to the volunteers on this project. >> as i look around the room, i see friends from all across the country, people who have been such great supporters of ours, but more importantly, everybody here, adults to children, understand the importance of giving back. >> the vice president and his family also participated in the national day of service. they filled care packages for deployed servicemen and women. mr. biden said the troops overseas need to know that we back at home remember them. rick? >> rick: hundreds much people turning out on the national mall for this day of service. what did they do? >> they were numerous booths set up under a huge tent on the mall for people to do on site service projects such as make cards for
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hospitalized and foster care children, or create a mural for a dc area school. here is what some of the participatants said about today's events. >> i think it's important for everyone to know that we got to give back to our community. we're in this together. black, white, republican, democrat, we're all in this together. >> i think it's important because we can take our ideas back to our community, so the community can grow and prosper and pass on all the ideas that we have learned here. >> also participating in this event on the mall, former first daughter chelsea clinton and delaware attorney general and son of the vice president, beau biden. >> rick: molly henneberg in washington. thanks very much. be sure to stick with fox news channel for the all the ceremonies taking place in our nation's capitol. our special weekend inauguration coverage begins tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. with bill hemmer and martha mccallum. at 11:00 a.m., bret baier and megyn kelly hosting the official swearing in for president obama, with continued coverage all day right here on fox.
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>> arthel: fox news extreme weather alert, parts of the south still reeling from a rare winter storm that left a trail of devastation, including at least 60 landslides in western north carolina. now we're learning that millions more across this area and parts of the northeast will now have to brace for a cold blast of winter air. meteorologist maria molina is live in the fox extreme weather center. >> good to see you. we're talking about more cold air coming into portion of the northeast. before it goes there, it's going to be impacting portions of the upper midwest. if you think it's been cold across minute money, north dakota, south dakota, get ready because it's about to get a whole lot worse. we're about to see temperatures that we haven't seen in about four years across this area. for today, not so bad across the plains. 61. 17 in the city of minneapolis. it's not too bad in comparison to what you're going to see overt next several days. today we made it into the 30s
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during the afternoon hours. by tomorrow, your high temperature in minneapolis is only going to be 8 degrees. one degree over in fargo and 2 in duluth. monday, on martin luther king, many of you will not have workness but 3 below will be your high. 11 below 0 in fargo. we're not talking about a whole lot of snow because it's a pretty dry system. but strong winds are kicking up snow across parts of north dakota. we have a blizzard warning in effect because of the poor visibility due to those winds picking up. the snow across the great lakes, as that colder air moves over the lakes, get that snow moving on in and very quickly, i want to show you those temperatures moving into the great lakes. 22 will be your high temperature in chicago. only 13 by monday. >> arthel: very cold. maria molina, thank you very much for that report. remember the outcry of those controversial airport scanners? they created nude-like images of
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passengers. the tsa now says they're getting rid of them. we'll find out why next. >> rick: john boehner now saying that republicans will not agree to increasing the nation's debt limit unless democrats first pass a budget cutting spending. and they're taking to twitter to try to rally support. will their plan work? we'll talk about it ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
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>> arthel: more than two months after super storm sandy hit the northeast, one of the nation's leading hospitals reopened its doors. nyu medical center suffered extensive damage from the storm, but it's now operating at nearly 100% capacity. fox news medical a teamer dr. mark siegle spoke to the doctors and the dean in an exclusive interview. >> it feels great to have the hospital back up and running. you know. it was a little erie feeling to walk the halls of a hospital and not see a multitude of patients and their families every day. >> one of the major hospitals crippled by super storm sandy, in, yu medical center in new york city suffered extensive damage. flooded with over 15 million gallons of water, the main campus was shut down for two months.
6:19 pm
>> when you face catastrophic events and more than from those events, you emerge stronger. if anything, we're a more united medical center. i'm struck by the spirit of the people who are working here. >> as the storm raged, hospital staff rushed to evacuate over 300 patients down dark stairwells relying only on battery power. now there is new life in the hall of the hospital as key departments reopen, including labor and delivery. >> how did you feel when the hurricane hit and they had to close the hospital? >> very nervous. all that kept going through my mind, is where am i going to have my baby? i was comfortable here. i want through the tour. i was very comfortable. i was very nervous and then the first day that you guys opened, my water breaks. >> this week, nyulangone opened its urgents care center, which is at the arrest of the medical center. from here, care flows like arteries, out to surgery, to medicine, to pediatrics, to
6:20 pm
trauma, to obstetrics. >> we'll be able to handle heart attacks, strokes, surgical emergencies because we have emergency medicine physicians and nurses, all of the medications we normally would use in the emergency department. and all the specialists that we would normally use. >> the only limitation, ambulance traffic. while it will be another month or so before sirens are heard at nyu, the dean says having the rest of the hospital back is a big relief for the city, especially with the flu epidemic. >> not only are we a national institution, but a local hospital for the people in midtown manhattan. it's critically important for us to be up and running. >> he says there are important steps to come of the advancements include a massive natural gas power plant currently under construction which will help sustain power in future storms. >> the way the medical center rose to the occasion, to see heroism and competence and vision all operating, it's rare in life that you get a chance to
6:21 pm
face a giant storm and then to come out at the other end a better place. >> in new york, dr. mark siegle, fox news. >> rick: switching gears, house republicans are expected to vote to raise the debt ceiling for three months giving congress more time to pass a federal budget. they're warning a failure to do that could result in a freeze of salary. a poll said government spending is out of control k. this new pressure fine will he be enough to get congress to act? our political panel joining us. kristy sellser is president of new heights communication and former spokesperson for vermont governor howard dean. trey hard sun a form republican campaign manager and former aide to the gop house leadership. good to sigh both. thanks for coming in. trey, this news about this idea that we're going to freeze congress' pay unless they pass a budget in the senate, now coming under attack. i guess because of something called the 27th amendment, which forbids congress to make
6:22 pm
any changes to pay until after the next election. is this still the right way to go for the gop? >> yes, i think it is. first of all, it's always a pleasure to be on fox with kristy. but i have been dying in anticipation today to see if or how she might condemn this latest gop compromise. this is the second republican compromise within the last month, as we know the first one was on the fiscal cliff package on taxes. and that is not going unnoticed by many gop critics like the "washington post" today, whose editorial basically said that this latest proposal by the republicans is very reasonable and that the president and the senate would be wise to support it. you know, listen, the republican party is coming out of this last election as a broken party. i mean, admittedly they are. getting them unified right now is a challenge. but i think what they did yesterday is an important step.
6:23 pm
yesterday, they had to raise the debt ceiling. i don't think there was anything getting in the way of that. they never wanted to do that, but it was an important first step. i think the president was hoping and banking on the fact that the party would stay fractured and that it would be kind of a strength for him. but i think it was a good move by the republicans. >> rick: kristy, trey has been look forward to your response. >> i've been looking forward to giving it. there is several problems. one you already mentioned which is that it's unconstitutional. but there is more than that. the second problem is that this is a short-term fix. it's not a long-term solution. all we're doing is kick the can three months down the road. we're not solving the problem. then there is the problem, this is not really a serious solution to the problem. it's a way to try to make the senate and harry reid in particular look bad, which i'm sure feels pretty good for republicans on capitol hill burks doesn't get us any closer to solving our problem. >> rick: talk for the party and the minority. you alluded to this. but it's tough for the party that really does not control the government to lay down the law. so how much is your party going
6:24 pm
to actually be able to sort of steer the debate and get things done over the next couple of years? >> well, we are not asking for something unreasonable here. i mean, kristy referenced the senate. let's remember the senate has not passed a budget for the last three years. people in their households do a budget every month. >> let's remember -- >> we have not operated -- >> rick: hold on, kristy. >> we have not operated with a budget for the last three years. listen. how did get here? both parties have suffered from spending addiction over decades. both political parties have been guilty of it. the republicans have taken the first step in what do you as an addict and that's recognition. unfortunately, the democrats and this president have not recognized or acknowledged they need to get to rehab. but what we're talking about here is something that should be
6:25 pm
done. >> rick: kristy republicans say this is not unreasonable. we mentioned the poll that showed an overwhelming number of people say that washington has a spending problem. does the president not have to at least pretend to sound like he cares about that? >> i think that he does. but i don't think this is the answer. look, as we just said, this is not a real solution. we need to stop game. i think we should abolish the debt ceiling. i don't think we can have this conversation every couple of months. the american people are tired of going from one manufactured crisis to another instead of solving our real problem like job creation. that's something people want congress to focus on. there is a reason they have a 9% approval rating, because they're not attack the real problems that we haves a nation. >> rick: trey? >> kristy, what's wrong with asking the united states senate to do their job and pass a budget by april 15? what's wrong? >> the answer is that again, you need 60 votes to pass a budget.
6:26 pm
when you actually need the help, you either need 60 vets or you need basically the help of the house. essentially democrats need the help of republicans. they've not gotten that heaven on a great many number of issues. so i think it's cynical to assume they're going to suddenly be all cooperative on this issue. >> rick: real quick -- >> i would argue that with a spending addict, you're not going to give them any more money or allow them o borrow more unless there is some commitment for them to get healthy. and i think that asking the senate to pass a budget is a plan ask a commitment to at least head in that direction and not push the problem down the road. >> rick: thank you both. appreciate your time today. >> thank you. >> arthel: still ahead, iran talking tough, defying the world over its nuclear program. what tehran is saying that has washington so concerned. >> rick: plus, inaugural addresses, some of them are so memorable they entered the history books right away. i was talk being this with my
6:27 pm
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>> arthel: bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. news agency in algeria says the four-day stand-off has officially ended in a bloody assault. several militants and hostages have been killed. we are still i waiting word from the state department on the conditions of americans involved. >> rick: those controversial full body scanners at the airports around the country are going away. the tsa removing the x-ray machines after congress demanded new technology that allowed for less revealing body images that didn't violate people's privacy. the company that makes the scanners says it could not comply with that demand. >> arthel: baseball hall of famer earl weaver has died. he won nearly 1500 games as manager of the baltimore
6:32 pm
orioles. a cause of death has not been determined. weaver was 82. >> rick: it is a monumental task cleaning up the coast line after super storm sandy. the ocean depositing about four feet of sand in some areas on long island. the huge mounds of sand and debris are being removed with a highly specialized piece of equipment. anna kooiman joining us from long beach, new york with the latest. hi. >> step in the right direction, actually following super storm sandy between four and 14 feet of sand in some places covered the streets here 'cause more than a month to clean up and pile up into what has now been dubbed mount sandy. crews are using utility side shifts to put the sand back on the shore to get it beautiful for tourism season and healthy in the event of the next bad storm. the public works department is ewing these large sifters that really resemble an overgrown child toy to get the sand cleaned. the pile initially towered five
6:33 pm
stories high. crews have whittled it down to 2 1/2 stories. >> when you look at the cost to stock pile and sift it and put it back on the beach, that will be over $10 million. just the cost of our debris removal in general, all the staff that came out of people's homes and stuff that wash nod our roadways is over $30 million. >> after crews sift onto debris like wood, screws and wiring from the sand, long beach officials are work closely with the department of environmental conservation to test for toxins, making sure the sand is safe. >> sandy was a big mixing thing, churned a lot of stuff around. including some chemicals and stuff we don't even think of being as toxic like your computer contains things that would be nasty if you had to put it in a blender and drink it or something. don't suggest do you that. >> no, definitely not. public works officials in long beach told me they'll be asking
6:34 pm
the feds for funding for dredging and renourishment, a process they say could cost between 30 and $40 million. back to you. >> rick: anna kooiman on long beach. thanks. >> arthel: let's talk inaugural addresses. the most famous ones dazzled the nation by touching our collective soul and inspiring americans to achieve great things. speaking today, president obama explains the reason why we have an inaugural ceremony in the first place. >> inauguration reminds us of the role that we have as fellow citizens in promoting a common good, as well as making sure that we're carrying out our individual responsibilities. that is the reason that america has been successful in the past. that's why we'll be successful in the future. >> arthel: what makes for a memorable inaugural address? what should president obama say to the nation on monday? joining me, susan esteridge, fox
6:35 pm
news contributor. hello. good to see you. >> good to see you, art. >> arthel: let's go down the line of questions. getting right to this, what makes inaugural speech good and what makes one bad? >> well, you know, bad is a lot of things. bad is when you don't connect with people. bad is when you don't hit the right tone. but i think, art, if you ask good, the ones most of us remember, john kennedy, ask not what you can do for yourself. ask what you can do for your country, or franklin roosevelt, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. or abraham lincoln, with malice towards none in the civil war. it's almost as much the moment, the point we are in history and a president who rises to that moment, unites americans, touches the common spirit, as it is the skill of all my friends
6:36 pm
who are speech writers coming up with those memorable words. >> arthel: if it's that idea of touching our collective soul and make the best of the moment, as you would say is the best use of an inaugural speech, what do you think the american people want to hear in president obama's second inaugural speech on monday? >> you know, if you think back four years ago, the country was full of hope. it was a real celebration. it was an historic moment. we were maturitying our first african-american president. there was a sense that they were on the verge of a great time of hope. things are definitely different now. we've got a divided country. it's a less historic moment. we got a lot of folks still looking for jobs and can't find them. we've got partisan politics and a paralyzed congress. and i think the president faces
6:37 pm
a real challenge of trying to unite americans, trying to move beyond the partisan divide, trying to communicate with those who didn't vote for him that he understands that he's also their president. >> arthel: with that laundry list of hurdles and in mind, it is a laundry list and you highlighted them quite well, but here is the deal w that in mind, is president obama's second inaugural speech a bigger challenge then than the first one? >> absolutely. the funny part is, i can't remember a single line from his first inaugural address. but i can remember how i felt. and i think the test tomorrow is less is there a line that somebody in 30 years from now will be reciting, than do americans come away, does congress come away, do the talking heads come away feeling
6:38 pm
like this country really has a chance, we're on the up and up, we're ready to face our challenges; or do we come away feeling like, boy, this is a tough time for us in our country. >> arthel: so if it's the feeling we need to walk away with, i think everybody agrees that president obama is a great speaker. he can evoke feeling from those who are hearing those words fall upon their ears, again, considering some of the divisive nature that is prevailing in our country right now, do you think that we are perhaps tired of hearing the president or he can rise above all of that and still inspire us tomorrow or monday? >> i think he can certainly give a great speech and my guess is he'll, in terms of performance, give a great speech. i think the real time to judge it will be next saturday or the saturday after when we see if that speech is in some sense still holding and has actually
6:39 pm
accomplished anything, or whether it's just a prelude to big parties. >> arthel: so i tell you what, how about you come on next saturday, after the fact, and we'll have you give your analysis as to how the president did? >> it's a deal. have have a great week. >> arthel: do you the same. i want to remind everybody that you can read her syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. >> rick: some troubling signs of the times. what more americans are doing to make ends meet that could be jeopardizing their own future. are you one of them? we'll tell what you you need to know to save for your golden years [ man ] i've been out there most of my life. you name it...i've hooked it. but there's one... one that's always eluded me. thought i had it in the blizzard of '93. ha! never even came close. sometimes, i actually think it's mocking me.
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>> arthel: millions of americans are now tapping into their 401(k)s earlier than ever. relying on them to cover everyday expenses like food, rent, or credit card payments.
6:44 pm
and paying hefty fees in the process at a huge cost to their retirement. kyle harrington, founder and managing partner of harrington capital management, always good to see you from san diego. so we know it's financing 101, don't dip into your 401(k) account. but as we said, so many people facing unexpected financial hardships, lost their jobs, perhaps they have a job but don't get paid as much. perhaps there are other things in their lives that they can forfeit or do without, meaning maybe they're overlooking some ways to save money? we're familiar with those penalties from early withdrawals from those retirement accounts. >> sure. let's start with some facts. 1978, congress enacted the 401(k) plan. it was specifically designed for retirement. people would put money into these plans and grow tax deferred and the benefit of growth with the tax deferral is significant. the goal is stay away from dipping into those plans, right?
6:45 pm
and however, you have a current economy with sluggish gdp growth, languishing employment market that just continues. so now people are going, i think that the "washington post" did a study that one in four people now have tapped into their retirement 401(k) plans in order to pay like you said, everyday expenses. one of the things to think about is, and i know arthel, this isn't the greatest thing, but maybe a second part-time job. maybe one thing rather than tapping into that, you can earn extra income if you have the ability to do that. another way to do this potentially is if you have a strong credit score and you have some equity in your home, you could take out a home equity line of credit and write off the interest payments. interest rates are very low at this current time. so you can take advantage of the fact that they are low when borrowing against your home, if you have equity in your home. it's a potential way to do this. arthel, it just goes to show you here, as this job market continues to struggle and
6:46 pm
unemployment rate remains high, there are prices to pay. people are tapping into what are very valuable retirement funds in an effort to just stay solvent during these times hoping the economy changes. >> arthel: kyle, as we know, many people got to the point where they felt like they had no other choice and they dipped into their 401(k) accounts and is there any way that they'll be able to replenish or make up for those losses? >> well, again, you highlighted something, there is penalties associated with that for withdrawing money prior to being 59 1/2 to the tune of 10%. so if you took out $5,000, you would be -- you have a penalty of $500. okay? you have to repay it within certain permanent. so it does slow the growth process down. it's not what you really want to do, but more than ever, arthel, you're seeing people that really need to do that. like i highlighted, "washington post" said one in four people are doing that. here is the thing, what's really, really interesting, it's
6:47 pm
people across all economic sectors. i have colleagues of mine that have been hedge fund managers for three or four years, have made money, now their hedge fund is closed down and they're going to their 401(k) in an effort to pay their mortgage. >> arthel: they have college tuition to pay for, they're taking care of their aging parents. here is the other rub, kyle, mainly this is affecting people in their 40s, the very ones who probably won't get social security checks by the time they reach retirement age. is there perhaps a better way to save for retirement? >> well, i like the 401(k) because you can put money away and you do what you want with it in terms of how you invest it. the funds that you choose. you have control over it versus social security where like you just highlighted, that may not be around for people like myself who is 42 years old when it comes to retirement. so i think that over time, owning a home, i think, historically in the united
6:48 pm
states built up a significant amount of equity in which you could then sell your home and use that for retirement funds. but these are troubling times. and there are consequences to elections. we have an administration now that has the pressure on them to create jobs and to create growth in the economy. and i'm not so sure that that's going to take place. i'm hoping it does so that we don't have to borrow from our 401(k). but these are times that really need to be taken seriously. >> arthel: the take away, is if you have to, go out there and try to find a second or part-time job and try somehow to find ways to cut savings -- your overhead in other departments and try to avoid dipping into the 401(k). but we know some people don't have an option. kyle, i enjoy talking to you, as usual. but i have to go now. so thank you. hello to all the folks in san diego. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> rick: time to come inside. before you dish out thousands of bucks at a new laptop computer, check out this one. what happened?
6:49 pm
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>> rick: welcome back. laptops, tablets, those that are
6:53 pm
in between, kind of hybrid things are a staple in a lot of people's houses. >> arthel: plenty americans love these and many are so running windows operating systems. how is the latest version holding up and are the newest devices, those thingies worth the investment? "consumer reports" puts them to the test in this latest issue of shop smart magazine. joining us with the results, carol, the associate web editor for shop smart and "consumer reports" on-line. hi. >> hi. >> rick: thanks for coming in. >> good to be back. >> rick: let me start, 'cause i misspoke in the tease. i called this a laptop. this is not a laptop. what is this? and i guess it's more of a tablet, right? >> that's the microsoft surface tablet. it's microsoft's very own tablet that's running its new operation system, windows 8, on the tablet called windows rt. and this is the big revolution in this windows 8 operating system is that it looks like a tablet, interface not only on the tablet, but also on the laptop and the desk top.
6:54 pm
>> arthel: do we like windows 8? >> yeah. we have a lot of good things to say about it. we think that the touch friendly interface is really interesting and it's kind of the wave of the future for these devices, for all devices. >> arthel: even on cars they have the touch screen. >> absolutely. yeah. so the surface tablet is really interesting. maybe rick can show you. >> rick: yeah. >> snap off the removable keyboard and snap it back on again. they offer you a couple choices of key boards, too. and it has little stand in the back, if you want to use it for work. it's so much easier to use a keyboard than it is to type on a screen. >> rick: it really is. >> that's one of the reasons we like the surface quite a bit. plus it has gorgeous high resolution screen. >> rick: this is nice. >> arthel: it goes well in your tote bag. >> easy to carry. >> rick: this one is heavier. but show us what this thing does. >> this is known as a convertible. a dell kpf laptop, but can be used as a tablet because what you do is you --
6:55 pm
>> rick: check this out. >> you flip the screen around. push it down. and you have now a tablet. >> rick: wow. very nice. >> not as light as a regular tablet. it's a little heftier. but the fact that you can do both kinds of work with this is just very compelling to me. i cooped of want one -- kind of want one of these. >> rick: while we're look at these -- >> how did you do that? >> arthel: i don't know how and i would like to stop it. it makes noise. >> rick: what do we like about it? 'cause a lot of people would wonder whether the apple operating system versus the windows operating system, what do you think about that? >> the windows -- microsoft has been making operating systems for a very long time. they know what they're doing. i think the one big got you is a lot of people used to windows are having a hard time getting used to this radical change. >> arthel: what's so different? >> for one thing, there is no start button. the start button where you clicked on there and get your list of apps apps and turn it od
6:56 pm
on, it's not there. the start is now sort of buried over here in the side. what they call -- >> rick: touched something. >> arthel: carol did it this time. >> rick: i thought it was arrest they will again. carol, we're going to run out of time. real fast, we have about 15 seconds. what is this? >> this is a video trawl book. they're thin and light. and it has a nice beautiful 15 point inch screen of the you can do lots of different work on lyrics watch videos. but if you pick this up, it's about 4 pounds. it's a really portable large laptop inform this is lighter than this thing. >> arthel: thank you. >> rick: thank you so much. always good to see you. thank you for joining us tonight. >> arthel: harris faulkner is up next with the fox report. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly
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